We are offering several SUMMER CAMPS for students of all ages and abilities!

We have FIVE camps this summer! As usual, all camps are primarily focused on building social skills.


JUNE 11-15 “ANIMAL FORMS” CAMP – This camp is for all ages!  The focus this week is on learning about ancient Martial Arts that were focused on animal movements and postures.  We’ll have fun activities, discussions about animals, and lots of fun acting like animals!!!  For the older students we will learn about some of the animal systems of our art and learn real animal techniques and movements.

JUNE 25-29 “GOOD GUY” CAMP – This camp is for all ages!  The focus this week is on building respect and integrity.  We’ll have fun activities, serious discussions about behaviors and expectations, and lots and lots of Karate fun!  All conversations will be age appropriate and differentiated for the individual student.

JULY 9-13  “MARTIAL ARTS OF THE WORLD” CAMP! This camp is for All Ages!  We will spend one day each week focused on a specific concept of Martial Arts.  Monday will be Bando, from Myanmar. Tuesday will be Karate from Okinawa.  Wednesday will be Tai Chi from China.  Thursday will be Jujitsu from Japan.  Friday will be Boxing from America.

JULY 23-27 “MARTIAL ARTS CHALLENGE” CAMP! – This camp is for all ages!  The focus this week is on HIGH ENERGY exercises and challenges that will push the students physically and mentally. We have designed the activities to teach the students that they are capable of more than they know!  It’s all about success and growth this week.  Your kiddos will be TIRED!

AUG 6-10  “GOODBYE TO SUMMER” CAMP! This camp is for All Ages!  A final chance to have some structured fun and games before school starts back up!  Relaxed, fun, games based and social skills building.


Cost for camp this year is $135 for the week and class size is limited. Please register with me early to guarantee a spot.  First come, first served, and every camper gets a T-Shirt!

All campers should bring a snack each day as we will supply water only.  Because of dietary restrictions, students are not allowed to share food.