Animal Style Camp

JUNE 26-30 – THEME: Animal Style martial arts and games 9AM to NOON

Go ahead – say it, “KUNG FU PANDA!” Geared towards ages 5-12.

Focused on building social skills through group activities and training, each day the students will learn about a different style of martial arts based upon an animal.  THERE ARE 9 ANIMAL SYSTEMS IN OUR MARTIAL ART, AND WE WILL EXPLORE FIVE OF THEM.

We’ll talk about the animals, learn about their habitats, and environment, and the skills used to hunt and defend themselves. we’ll learn martial arts skill sets based on the animals and play interactive social skills-based games built around the theme.

Cost for this camp this year is $200 for the week and class size is limited to 15 students. Each student should bring a snack every day as we will supply water only.  Because of dietary restrictions, students are not allowed to share food.