April 2016 Belt Test

Every Third Saturday of the month,IMG_8914

One World Karate holds a belt test for eligible students.

Those tests are full of punches, kicks, blocks, and stances.

The students perform Aka – commonly known as “forms” or “Kata” by most of the public.

They sweat, they work, they stress out a little bit, and they excel.

All ages, all belt levels, all abilities, the students practice, train, and show up to put their best effort in.

Families, friends, assistant teachers, and , of course, your friendly neighborhood Saya Dan is testing, assessing, and generally having a great time.

We always take tons of pictures, and there are always a few gems of perfectly timed board breaks, perfect form, and funny expressions on their faces, but the truth is, the pics that sum up 1WK the best are none of those.

One World Karate is family.

The pics that sum us up best are below.

Enjoy this moment of Family, I know I did.

  • Saya Dan




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