Martial Arts as Fine Arts Camp

June 12-16, 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

A collaborative camp with Shining Bear Art Studios of Colorado, we will take the performance art aspects of Martial Arts and combine them with modern fine art principles and techniques to create a truly unique and amazing camp!

This camp originated in the Foothills Art Center in Golden Colorado and quickly became their most popular summer camp ever!  Last year they doubled the size and scope, and this year they filled their camp in only a few weeks.   In 2022, we decided to offer the camp in Texas as well, and the students that attended LOVED it!

Students will learn real martial arts techniques and use them to deliver paint to canvas in order to create abstract expressionist paintings of their bodies in motion. Students will learn how to use their bodies as the “brush” and why the process of creation of art is as important as the finished product!

We will build skills through cooperative activities and fun discussions, and community feedback, much like acting or dance improv camp. All ages are invited and peer appropriate groups will work together.

Elementary Art Teacher Michael Carroll and his brother, the owner of One World Karate Daniel Carroll (former highschool Special Education teacher) work together each year to present this incredible and unique concept of a fine art camp that keeps the students active, engaged, and having fun!

Cost for this camp this year is $275 for the week and the class size is limited to 15 students. Each student should bring a snack / lunch every day as we will supply water only.  Because of dietary restrictions, students are not allowed to share food.