Modernizing the Martial Arts: Part 3

In part one of this series we discussed modernizing the behavior modifications of the traditional Martial Art school.  Then, in part two we discussed adapting the curriculum for working with the special needs of the student. In part three we will be discussing the usage of technology in the classroom. This concept – technology – […]

Our New Reality

We face an unprecedented challenge. One World Karate sits in a unique niche in an underrepresented minority, in a state that largely doesn’t seem to care about them. Children who need physical, occupational, and other forms of therapy are being denied these essential services because the state has cut funding to an alarming degree.  They […]

Modernizing the Martial Arts, Part 2

Modernizing Martial Arts , part 2 In Part 1 of Modernizing the Martial Arts, I discussed the outdated concepts of punitive traditions in Martial Art schools.  I explained how we are going to change that in One World Karate, and why. In Part 2 I aim to explain how 1WK is going to adapt the […]

Modernizing the Martial Arts, Part 1

Modernizing the Martial Arts, Part 1 Before the Gracies came along and turned the Martial Art world on it’s ear (often literally with a two leg take down and a side mount), the operative word was “Tradition”.   There was a whole lot of arguing over what styles were best, but in the end an overwhelmingly large […]

What does the 1WK philosophy really mean?

Business motto, business mission statement, business philosophy. We are taught that these are important things to consider when starting a business.  The experts tell us these things help create our brand and our image, so much thought must be put into crafting these three statements. I agree with the professionals, so why did it only […]

July Schedule Changes

IMPORTANT NEWS: CLASS SCHEDULES ARE CHANGING IN JULY! Due to both the growth in student numbers and the normal progression of students in their belts colors, we are faced with a great little problem.  We need to make classes specifically for intermediate belt students! SCHEDULE CHANGE FACTS: The new schedule is on our schedule page. […]