Covid -19

Our Protocols:

Classes will continue to start and run the regular 30 or 45 minutes depending on the class.

We will use the 15 -30 minutes between classes to wipe down all surfaces, mop the mats and maintain a clean environment.

That gap in classes also allows the students to leave before the next class of students arrive, so we will ask that students leave immediately after classes are over.

We will have a hand sanitizing station out front by the entrance. Please use it.

All Students will have their TEMP taken as they arrive with a touchless thermometer.

Classes will allow a MAXIMUM of 6 students on the floor for training.

ANY student requiring 1-on-1 help MUST have a PARENT on the mat with them as their assistant.

ALL instructors, students, and parents are required to wear a mask at all times inside the school UNLESS PROOF of vaccination is kept on file in the school. Only the CDC vaccination card will be accepted as proof.

NO physical contact between students shall be permitted at any time. Students shall remain in their assigned space on the floor to maintain social distancing requirements.

Instructors may need to be in close proximity or initiate physical contact with a student to correct technique etc, but WILL NOT act as a 1-to-1 instructor for students needing close proximity of a helper.

Floor mats will be laid out with color-coded squares and students shall remain inside their RED squares for the entire class.

Our sick policy is now thus – YOU MAY NOT ATTEND IN-PERSON CLASSES IF ANY FAMILY MEMBER IS ILL – train via Zoom until such time as no one is sick.

In the past, our parent lounge was a huge bonus for many of you, and we are very sad to see it go, but due to Covid, we are only able to offer a few seats for parents in the new space.

We ask that parents wait in their car, serve as a 1-to-1 with their student, or use one of the THREE seats in the office (first come, first served) maintaining 6 ft distance at all times.

We are very sorry, but any student that can not keep their mask on for class, or keep their hands to themselves will be required to attend ZOOM classes only until such time as they develop the discipline to maintain proper protocols.

How it Will Work In-Person:

  • From now on, all In-Person students will pay a monthly fee that includes access to our video and Zoom classes. This is so you can attend classes and train from home if you can’t make it to the in person classes for whatever reason may crop up from week to week.
  • All ONLINE ONLY students will pay their base monthly fee through our zoom platform which gives you complete control over enrollment – you can leave and cancel payments at anytime simply by logging in and cancelling your membership.
  • In-Person students will pay, register and schedule in-person classes at via an online portal called :
    • MY STUDIO. We are limiting in-person class size to 6 students.
  • In Person classes will be “fist come, first served” with regards to registration in order to give as many students as possible access to in person instruction.
  • We recognize that enrolling online for every in-person class is a little bit of a hassle, but the process is quick and easy, and this gives you complete control of your monthly cost.
  • Zoom classes and In Person classes will happen at the same time, with the same instructors, and with a plan in place for assistant instructors to help make sure zoom students are getting quality instruction.
  • Zoom students will appear on a large TV mounted to the wall of the school and have access to TWO camera views of the instructors and an assistant instructor specifically focused on zoom students (when staff is available).
  • If the class is full and a student can not register for that day, they can attend via Zoom that day, register for a class later in the week, and attend In Person then.
  • In other words, ZOOM access is guaranteed for all, but In Person classes are limited to the first 6 who register for that specific class, that specific day.

I feel the need to reiterate that we are now a hybrid program FOREVER. We will always offer Zoom classes alongside our In-Person classes for our students.
You get to choose the number of in-person lessons AND the number of zoom lessons you attend each week.