January Newsletter

Welcome to the New Year!

I hope everyone has the Best Year Ever in 2017!

    January Schedule:

  • 3rd All Day School re-opens and classes resume
  • 14th 3:30-5pm Demo Team Practice
  • 16th All Day School Closed for Holiday
  • 21st 3:30pm – 6pm Belt Ceremony – POT LUCK
  • 28th 5pm-7pm Movie Night (Parents Night Out)

Important News:

Belt Ceremony

January 21st

This year we are running belt test pot luck buffet socials every three months. If you are attending, please consider bringing a SMALL snack or food item to share. These events will be big!

The students that have received their stripe on their belt are eligible for belt promotions this month.

Reminder that eligible does not necessarily mean they will receive their belt. Behavior at home, school, efforts in therapy, and other activities all go in determination of belt promotion. If you have a question, or think your child should be on the list, please contact us.

Important Reminder
Belt test forms are mandatory to turn in before or on the day of the ceremony. Also the fee for the belt is $10 at the ceremony.



New Year means CHANGES! As we have shared over the last three months, rates for classes are being adjusted for all students to reflect the 2016 prices. Check your email receipts to make sure you’re being charged the correct amount.

I have tried to make sure every student receives their initial rate for AT LEAST 12 months once joining, but we do reserve the right to increase the rates each year to reflect the cost of operations. This year WE ARE NOT raising the rates from 2016 (despite a LARGE cost of operating increase), but WE ARE adjusting rates from students who joined in 2015 and earlier to reflect the 2016 rates.

This is the most fair and equitable solution I can find for the increased cost of running the school.

Quick break down of rate changes.:

  1. All second and third family members are a 40% discount now, not 50%
  2. 1 day a week students increased $10 from 2015 to 2016
  3. 2 day a week students increased $5 from 2015 to 2016.

This means that you may see no change at all this year, or you may see a $10 increase for your child, or even a $25 increase for your two children.  The important point is that all students and all families will be paying the same amount now.  New students  joining this year will also pay these same rates.




There are no classes at 8:30 AM any more!

TUE/THU Little Panthers classes are now 3:20-3:50PM.

There are no more Little Panther classes at 5:20 any more!


 Saya Dan Says:

Hello all! Welcome to 2017!

I just wanted to tell you all how excited I am for 2017! We have some big things happening that will be of a huge benefit to everyone. It will take some adjustment, however.

When I started this program, I was able to change and adapt my schedule at will. I was able to adjust rates to reflect individual classes and students. I was able to custom tailor my program to fit your needs.

Well, guess what? We’re too big now to do all that! It’s a great problem to have, but it still might result in some minor inconveniences from time to time as we adjust our school to create the best schedule and environment for the greatest number of students.

Just this month we have some rate increases for some students, three classes changing their times, and a new system of belt promotions being tested out.

Please bear with us while we get our school set up for smooth running in 2017, and thanks in advance for your patience!


Movie Night:

January 28th is our first movie night (parents night out) of the year. It will be from 5pm-7pm. Best part of this movie night is it is FREE!!! Bring your own snack! Please sign up!



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