July Schedule Changes



IMG_7876Due to both the growth in student numbers and the normal progression of students in their belts colors, we are faced with a great little problem.  We need to make classes specifically for intermediate belt students!


The new schedule is on our schedule page.  Simply scroll forward to July and see the new classes.

The most important part of this change is the assurance that you do not need to move your student out of the class they are in!!!! YOUR CHILD DOES NOT NEED TO MOVE (but they should, if possible)!

Your child can remain at their scheduled class times if you so choose.  HOWEVER, classes will focus on knowledge and skill sets specific to those belts that are listed on the class time.

What does that mean?  It means that if you keep your orange belt in a class for White – Sr. Yellow, they will not receive much instruction on the new skill sets they need to reach green and above.  It means that if your white belt is in a class for Orange – Purple, they will be faced with harder skill sets and not receive as much instruction on the basic skill sets as they could be if they moved to an appropriate class.

The fact is, you should move to an appropriate class, but I am aware that scheduling, friendships in class, and other factors may prohibit that. So, I will make every effort to accommodate your wishes in this matter.

This is far more than any typical school would ever do, so I hope you appreciate the effort I am going through for you.IMG_5191

TWO caveats

ONE: We will need to add a new Little Panthers class by the end of Summer and that may require moving the 4:00 classes on TUE / THU back 45 minutes classes.

TWO: As classes fill, I reserve the right to require higher level belts to move up to higher level classes if the alternative would mean excluding a new student from joining.

Other than that, it’s your choice if your child stays where they are, or moves to a new class schedule.


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