May Newsletter

May 2016 Newsletter:

Saya Dan Says:

Hello everyone!  The School is growing by leaps and bounds and we decided it was time to have a full sized newsletter and a space on that letter for me to address you all personally.11406436_10153315484162459_4945859456692956130_o

So…Here it is!

We’ve got some big changes outlined in this month’s newsletter, so please take the time to read through the whole thing, OK?  Thanks!

A big new change we started in April was to add a physical challenge to the beginning of every class.  April was basic conditioning by running laps at the start of each class.

For May, the challenge is Core Strength through PLANKS!  The students will start each class by going through a series of plank exercises to build Core strength.  The goal is to build up to a 1 minute plank!

Related to the physical challenge is the new addition of STUDENT OF THE MONTH (read about it elsewhere in the newsletter!)

We’ve already been in this location for a year! WOW!20151028_150009_resized

Classes are larger now, so we need to institute a few Lobby guidelines to make the experience fun and stress free. See them on the next page.

As we grow, you will begin to see high ranking teens and adults acting as student teachers and assistants.  Please welcome them!

In other news, I have received my 5th degree ranking from the East West Martial Arts Alliance, so that’s a nice. 😉


The students listed below will be eligible for belt promotion this month.

Starting in May the belt test forms are mandatory to turn in before or on the day of the ceremony.IMG_6444

Alexander D Joshua M
Will S Thomas U
Aurora B Pranavan
Bennet H Morgan S
Henry H Luke T
Jack L Jackson S
Zachary B  

Reminder that eligible does not necessarily mean they will receive their belt. Behavior at home, school, efforts in therapy, and other activities all go in to determination of belt promotion.

May 21   Belt Ceremony 3-4:30


School Closed for Memorial Day Weekend
June 25 Tournament All Day


Starting May 2016 all students that are NOT enrolled in auto payment will be subject to a rate increase to cover rising, yearly costs of operation. Students that are already enrolled by May 2016 in auto payment will remain at your current rate until January 2017. If you have any questions please see Saya Dan.

New Rules for Lobby

  1. Door to studio is to remain closed during class
  2. Please take voice calls outside
  3. Please silence phone during class
  4. Please sit in the lobby during class, so not to disturb other students in class


Student(s) of the Month

Starting in June we will begin to have student or students of the month.  The student or students for June will be determined in May. This will be the method for the months following.  To determine the student(s) of the month is the following:

  • Improvement in class
  • Answer the newsletter riddle
  • Perfect Attendance
  • Reach the Physical Goal of the Month


IMG_8914Starting in May we will have a tablet by the shoe rack to check in. Attendance is a determining factor in eligibility for belt promotion, so we wish to encourage our students to take responsibility for checking themselves in each class. If you have not had your photo taken yet please ask Saya Dan or Mrs. Jennifer to take your photo. Parents please remind your child to check in or help your child to check in these first few weeks. The steps to check in are as following:

  1. Find your picture or name
  2. Click on your name

DONE!! You are counted as here


Find me! I start with ‘P’ and end with ‘E’, but I have thousands of letters. Who am I?

For the riddle please write on paper and hand to Saya Dan or Mrs. Jennifer secretly.


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