Modernizing the Martial Arts: Part 3

In part one of this series we discussed modernizing the behavior modifications of the traditional Martial Art school.  Then, in part two we discussed adapting the curriculum for working with the special needs of the student.

In part three we will be discussing the usage of technology in the classroom.

robot karate

NO! Not this kind of technology!

This concept – technology – is a personal favorite of mine.  Along with core curriculum, I also taught social skills and technology skills to my students.  As a teacher, I often felt these two classes were in many ways far more important to the development of my special needs and disabled students than the core studies of Math, English, Science, and History could ever hope to be.

As a result, I have strong opinions on the role technology should play in the education of a special needs student.  1WK will utilize technology in very real and tangible ways to help develop the Martial Art skills of the student.

The first and obvious use is right in front of you – this website and blog.  The website will be relatively static, serving as an online repository of important information for students, prospective students, and their families.  As we progress along the path of personal growth and development, the website will add to the student section. These additions will include print-outs and notes about skills we are learning in class.  These papers will serve as study guides for training at home in between classes, and preparing for belt evaluations (don’t call ‘em tests! ).

Along with printable training guides on the website, we will also have a series of private videos hosted on YouTube with private links listed on the student page.  These videos will be instructional tutorials on forms and drills we are studying in class.  They will not be replacements for in class instruction – obviously – but will serve as training aides for practicing at home in between classroom instruction. 

Videos on student page

Student page is password protected

The blog will be a news and information clearinghouse containing notices of special events, changes to the schedule, and other important, timely information.

Along with the blog, students and parents will be encouraged to follow 1WK on twitter @1worldkarate and our Facebook page to facilitate communication.


Back in the days when practitioners of the arts lived in a world without the light-bulb, widespread literacy, or even indoor plumbing, skills were taught in what we now call “forms” and “drills” so that moves could be memorized and perfected – this where the “Art” of Martial Arts came from – beautifully choreographed imaginary fights and exquisite mastery of the body.

We are Family here at 1WK

Best wheel covers EVER!

We still aim for that lofty goal of attaining art in motion, but there’s no reason to ignore all the modern aids we have available to us!

Why should we not Adapt, Accommodate, and Modify our curriculum to include modern technology such as walkers, canes, and wheelchairs?  Disabled students have modern advances at their disposal.  We must integrate them into the instruction.

Martial Arts have, for some time now, been evolving programs to include wheelchairs – there’s a large community of artists out there developing curriculum, tournament rules, and standards, etc.  However, there’s far less being done to address other challenges such as canes and walkers, physical challenges affecting the whole body (as opposed to lower body paralysis), and the realities a disabled practitioner faces while using assistive devices.

We are an experimental school – a learning school.  We develop through educated assessment, scientific method, and plain old trial and error. We are constantly looking for technological assistance and innovation to help our students achieve success. We have, and continue to collect, specialized  tools and equipment for our studies.


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