Schedule Changes – Looking Deeper

Let’s take a close look at the schedule changes:


Now that we’ve made significant changes to the schedule structure, let’s take a moment to discuss some of the important reasons and pertinent information about it.



testImportant Reason #1:

We made these schedule changes to get our schedule in place BEFORE we reached maximum capacity!  This class structure will accommodate up to 150 students, which has been our projected maximum enrollment all along.  We are currently at 57% enrollment and the old class structure was becoming outdated and inefficient.

Important Reason #2:

As students progress through their belts, they will need classes designed specifically for their skill level and knowledge base, and they will need them available at a time and date that works for you.  This new schedule provides a class appropriate for all students aged 3-12 FIVE DAYS A WEEK!  It also provides an adapted class for adults and adult traditional classes two days a week each.

20160319_173415Pertinent Information #1:

What you need to know is that as of now, you have the opportunity to look over the schedule, find the classes that work best for your schedule and either stay where you are, or move directly into the new classes at your convenience.  However, all classes are – as always – first come, first served, so you should move sooner rather than later.  Classes are set up by design for attending TUE/THU, WED/FRI, or SAT, and we highly encourage you to attend twice a week if possible.  However, we do allow different class schedules on a case by case basis (for example, WED/SAT Little Panthers class).

Pertinent Information#2:

As your child ages and improves, they will move through their belt progression.  At a certain time, they will, by necessity, need to move classes.  When a beginner student (White – Sr.Yellow) reaches intermediate status (orange – purple) they will have to move to an appropriate class.  Eventually, we will be turning ONE Beginner class into an intermediate class, and the intermediate class into an advanced (Brown-Black) class.  The second part of this equation is that , once they hit 13+ (case by case basis, of course), they will need to move into the adult BEGINNER classes.

Two Examples:

ONE: Little Johnny is about to get his Orange belt.  He is 9 years old and very excited to reach the intermediate belts!  Johnny is in the TUE/THU class at 5:20.  Next month, he will need to move to the 4PM class on TUE /THU, OR the 4:40 class on WED/FRI.

TWO: Little Suzy is turning 13 next week!  She’s about to get her Senior Blue Belt  and loves her class, but she’s getting slightly impatient around the 8-10 year old students who can’t seem to stay as focused as her!  She’s in the 4PM class on TUE/THU.  As soon as she gets her belt, she’s going to move into the TUE/THU ADULT Beginner class TUE/THU at 5:55pm and begin learning the adult curriculum!

AS ALWAYS – We will do what is in the best interest of your child!  These are guidelines and not rules!

Thank you!

Saya Dan


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