Self Defense

Reality Based Self Defense (RSD)

We offer ADULT self defense classes two times a week.  Our self defense classes are based on scientifically studied, reality based real world encounters and the tactics, skill sets and mindset required to deal with threats.  We focus on situational awareness, verbal deescalation, avoidance, escape, and physical conflict.  We also teach how to prepare for the actions required in the aftermath of a conflict.  In all classes we discuss and train in: empty hand techniques,  non lethal weapons, and lethal weapons.  We do not train in firearms.

FRIDAYS we offer OPEN self defense for all Adults age 16 and up.  These classes deal with generalized and specific situations commonly encountered in our society.  The classes are one hour long and focus on gross motor skill sets that are quick to learn, easy to employ against an attacker, and have a proven history of success.  These classes are continuous and new students can join at any time.