Three Masters of  Myanmar Thaing and American Bando – September 22, 2019 1-5PM

Focused on Traditional Myanmar Thaing (martial arts), this  Seminar is the first time ever three masters from different Thaing systems have come together to teach in America.  

Grandmaster Sayagyi Bob Maxwell is a Bando Elder in the American Bando Association and Bando West, and has a lifetime of practical self defense experience.  He will be teaching applications of the American Bando Animal systems.

Sayagyi Carroll is the Ambassador for the International Thaing Bando Association for the Americas and has 39 years experience in American Bando systems. His school is the premier program for students with disabilities and special needs, and his instruction is easily accessible to students of all ages and all skill levels.  

Sayagyi Cosmo Zimik is the owner of Empty Hand Combat in Nampa, Idaho and is a master of his art.  His early life in Myanmar and India provided him with an amazing  set of martial arts skills. He will be teaching self defense aspects of his Naban grappling system.  

No experience is necessary to train, learn, and come away with quality skill sets in this seminar.  All systems and styles are likewise invited and welcome.   This seminar is for adults.  

$65 per attendee