September Newsletter

** Student of the Month


Jonah is our August student of the month! He had perfect attendance, answered the
newsletter riddle correctly, and put in tremendous effort in his classes!

He wins a $25 gift certificate! WAY TO GO!


** Reviews

Reviews are exceptionally important for the growth of our school. AND WE HAVE ALMOST NONE!  Would you be willing to take 5 minutes and give us a review? Just click on the link and place a review.

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** September Schedule

Monday 5th –

Saturday 10th –
DEMO Practice

Friday 23rd –
All classes taught
by Sayama Andee

Saturday 24th –
All Classes taught
by Saya Myles, AND
all family members
are welcome to join
the class!

** Belt Ceremony

ANNOUNCEMENT: We will no longer be hosting belt ceremonies every month. The next
ceremonies will be October and January!

** However, in each class Saya Dan will be testing students that are ready for their
belt. At that point the student will receive a color tape stripe on their belt
indicating that they are that new color. At the ceremony in October they will
receive their new belt and certificate dated the actual date of promotion.

Reminder that eligible does not necessarily mean they will receive their belt.
Behavior at home, school, efforts in therapy, and other activities all go in
determination of belt promotion. If you have a question, or think your child should
be promoted soon, please contact us.

Important Reminder:
Belt test forms are mandatory to turn in before promotion. Also the fee for the
belt is $10 at the ceremony.


** September is Anti-Bullying Month!!

ALL classes all month will deal with how to handle bullies and situations involving

Invite friends and family!

They can attend the same classes as their friends, regardless of the belt level.
Friends or family pay reduced rates for the month!!



Hello all! As you just read, September is all about anti-bullying strategies.

As school starts back up, it’s very important to me that my students are prepared
for the unfortunate reality of school life – bullies exist.

Every class will be focused on real world, practical strategies to prevent, stop,
and combat bullies in school, at work, or out in public.

Please think seriously about inviting friends, including siblings,and spreading the
word about this month to others. I will be offering reduced rates to visitors who
wish to enroll their children for the month.

Call or email for more information



We will be having a tournament again this November!! We are currently looking for a
location, but the intended date is the weekend of Veterans Day, Saturday the 12th.

This year the registration fee will be $30 for competitors and $10 for entry fee for
spectators. Prices are subject to change. Fees will go to pay for a location that
can fit everyone comfortably for the tournament. We have WAY too many students to
hold the tourney at the school!

We are looking forward to our 2nd Annual Tournament!! Empty hand forms, weapons
forms and sparring (for teens and adults only)!



Riddle:   What is at the end of the rainbow?

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