We Are Different:

277916_460421100658811_1481834157_oOur students are unique and so are their schedules.  We offer the opportunity to train as often or as little as you like.  Our students can train one, two, or even three days a week.  Our programs reflect the reality of the challenges our students face every day.

We are different.  We are unique.  We are wonderful.

Martial Arts provide numerous benefits to all practitioners regardless of needs or abilities, but a martial art program taught by a teacher who understands special needs inherent in a diverse population can have a profound impact upon the student.

From a physiological standpoint, martial arts develop both muscle memory and fitness, plus there are studies that definitively show it helps to develop neurological pathways within the brain itself.

Perhaps most importantly, the mental and emotional benefits of being able to progress through a tangible reward systems of belts along with the measurable physical improvements within the student also helps to foster positive attitudes and build self confidence and self worth.

Adapted Program

For students with physical challenges, or other special needs, we offer a totally unique program that utilizes the most forward thinking in Physical, Occupational, and Behavioral therapy.  The classes teach Martial Arts concepts, and techniques as a basis for developing physical strength, mental resilience, and emotional control.

Traditional Classes

We are a true Martial Art Academy and teach a comprehensive program for all ages.  Traditional classes progress through a belt ranking system based upon mastery of concepts and techniques.  It is demanding, challenging, and infinitely rewarding.

Private lessons

Some students require a focused , one on one program in order to succeed in developing, setting, and reaching their goals. These private lesson may be stand alone, or in conjunction with classes among peers.