Adapted Instruction

Modern Adapted Classes –

This program is the core of what we do here at One World Karate.  No other program in the world offers classes like these.

IMG_5101Modern Classes are specially designed classes for students who find themselves with physical needs that are most often addressed through occupational or physical therapy. The classes are designed to be adaptable to the students specific needs and current limitations.

The classes focus on building physical fitness, gross and fine motor control, and neural pathway development while working through martial arts concepts, drills, and forms. The students learn real martial art skills, but progress through the belts (tangible rewards) via participation. In other words, class attendance is a determining factor in promotion.

“Belt Tests” are actually opportunities to build emotional strength and self worth through demonstrating their progress.

This program was built by Sayagyi Carroll over three years in close cooperation with several licensed physical therapists.  It embodies cutting edge thinking and practices regarding physical therapy, kinesthetic learning, and motor development.IMG_6525

The adult classes are for ages 13 and up, while the Youth classes are for ages 6-12. Students younger than 6 are integrated on a case by case basis, but typically are placed in the Little Panthers classes.