Master Teacher / Saya Daniel Carroll –

Founder – One World Martial Arts Federation, Owner – One World Karate

11406436_10153315484162459_4945859456692956130_oDaniel Carroll is a former Special Education teacher and has been teaching martial arts since 1994. After 7 years of teaching and working closely with special needs children ages 11- 18, he developed a Martial arts program utilizing some of the most forward thinking in Physical and Occupational Therapy.

Daniel began studying the Burmese art of Bando in 1980 at the age of eight. He currently holds a 5th level black belt with the EWMAA, and is a 4 time National Champion of the American Bando Association.

Along with his continued teaching and training in Thaing/Lethwei – (Burmese Boxing/Kickboxing), Bando Empty Hand Self-defense & Animal Systems Forms, Banshay (Weaponed Hand) skills, and the Naban grappling systems, Dan has helped train students from around the globe, most recently in Grenoble, France in 2016.  Besides his training in Thaing/Bando, he also has training and teaching experience in Jiu- Jit-su, Tai Chi, and Tae Kwon Do. In addition to his years of training with Grandmaster Jon Collins, he has been fortunate to have met and trained with many Master Teachers.

Saya with his autistic sister and special needs brother.

Saya with his autistic sister and special needs brother.

Dan is a former Special Education teacher for High school and Middle school students. His passion for working with students of varied abilities stems from a rich, rewarding life spent with his family. Dan is intimately aware of the need for, and the power of positive outlets and mentoring for the social, emotional, and physical growth of individuals; especially those with special needs. Saya Dan has two special needs siblings and has long believed that Martial Arts offer a fantastic platform for individuals like his sister and brother. Dan’s younger brother and older sister humble him with respect for their success in life.

Saya Carroll opened his school, One World Karate, in May, 2012, in Austin, Texas, with the express goal of bringing the benefits of Martial Arts training to all. He teaches programs utilizing the Theories, Principles, and Philosophies of Thaing/Bando as the base of a true Academy style of Martial Arts instruction. His school also utilizes the most modern and contemporary educational concepts developed for working with students of varied abilities.  In addition to his classes, and at the urging of his wife, Elizabeth, he has founded a non-profit organization to provide educational materials and training to schools that wish to offer martial arts instruction to students of varied abilities.

Saya hiking in Seminole Canyon, Texas

Saya hiking in Seminole Canyon, Texas

Besides teaching and training in the martial arts. Saya Dan’s life revolves around his wife, his dog, and his pursuit of inner peace through motorcycles, rock climbing, backpacking, and sculpture.

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Saya Myles E. Lund /  Instructor

Saya Myles has been training in martial arts for several years now, most of which have been learning Bando with Saya Dan at One World Karate, and the others were spent studying Shotokan in Minnesota. He moved from Minnesota when he was twenty and is currently studying at ACC .

He found One World Karate a good fit because he has Asperger’s Syndrome. He first developed an interest in martial arts during his high school years, because he wanted to have a physical outlet where he would be able to hone a respectable physical skill while simultaneously advancing his mental aptitude through study.

He earned his 1st level Blackbelt on November 4, 2017.

He decided to start teaching at One World Karate to qualify for the more advanced belts, but found that he enjoyed teaching. He has continued teaching in order to improve on his basics while helping to impart them to newer martial artists. He hopes to be able to not only improve his technique, but help others with theirs as well.

Saya Myles is certified to teach students of all abilities through the One World Martial Arts Federation Credentialing program.

Saya Gabriel Haack / Assistant Instructor

Gabriel has been studying Martial Arts for several years.  For 4 years he trained at a mixed Martial Arts school, and he’s been training at One World Karate with Saya Dan since 2012.  He is currently a Red Belt and plans on testing for his black in the next few months.

Gabriel decided to practice Martial Arts because he wanted to participate in a sport that was practical.  He joined 1WK after they offered a meetup event for adults and teens with Aspergers.

He started teaching as part of his requirement to promote to higher ranks, but continued because he thinks it is good to learn how to teach others.

Gabe is currently taking courses to earn his certification in teaching students of all abilities through the One World Martial Arts Federation.


Jennifer Forkey / Office Manager

Jennifer Forkey is a wife and mother of 2.  She has a Business Administration degree as well as a career as a freelance photographer and she homeschool’s her children. Her family has been associated with One World Karate since 2014.

She recently became the One World Karate School Manager.  Both of her children have special needs which are not the same for either child so it makes life a lovable challenge.

Jennifer states:

“One World Karate has made such a positive change in my children.  My son who is autistic plus with a multitude of other conditions has learned focus and discipline and the meaning of each.  He has gained balance, strength, stamina, as well as self confidence. He knows he is not like everyone else but through One World Karate he has learned how to be his best.

My daughter is ADHD to start as well as some other conditions.  One World Karate is helping her learn focus and discipline and the meaning of each.  She has gained balance, strength, stamina, as well as self confidence.

We love One World Karate because of its mission, it’s teachers, it’s owner, it’s students and families.  It is more than just a karate school we are family.”