Traditional Instruction

We are the North American center for The International Bando Thiang Association (ITBA)

Traditional Youth Classes

These classes are for all students aged 6-15 who are physically able to participate at this level, regardless of other special needs, and are taught in a modified traditional way.IMG_5490

The students learn drills, forms, and techniques as well as NO contact “sparring”.

Contact fighting is not good for developing joints and so is not allowed until a student has reached age 16.

The rest of the instruction is the same as the Adult Classes.


Traditional Adult  Classes

IMG_4973Adults train in the traditional art of Bando, including, drills, forms, weapons, and controlled contact sparing if medically viable.

The Core art is Hanthawaddy (American) Bando, but the program is a true academy style of instruction.

This means that students will learn techniques and skill sets from other Myanmar martial arts including Other Thiang systems, sport applications of Lethwei, and others.