Sparring Classes

sparring warmups

Sparring in One world Karate is NOT a required part of the curriculum. Because of the specialized needs of some of our students, sparring is not possible of medically advisable. For others, sparring is a perfect compliment to their martial arts growth and development.

We choose to hold sparring in separate, dedicated classes for students interested in developing their application of martial arts for sport and fitness. Our sparing style is what’s known as “Middle style” sparring in American Bando. Rounds are two minutes long, continuous contact, and judged by a ref and 4 corner judges (in class, it may often just be a single ref). Protective gear is required for sparring and includes groin, head, chest, shin and instep, and hand protection.

Classes are an hour and a half long and included cardio warm ups, skill set development, and controlled contact sparring. Classes are ONLY OPEN TO STUDENTS OVER THE AGE OF 13.

Contact us to learn more, or to sign up for classes.