Teen Camp

JULY 10-14 – TEEN CAMP – THEME: Martial Arts and FUN!

For ages 13 and up, 9AM to 12 NOON

Our Teen camp is specifically designed to keep teenagers active and having FUN for the entire camp. It can be a real challenge for both Parents and their young adults to find an activity that provides physical activity, great peer relationships, and is still relevant to their interests.

Our teen camp provides a structured framework for our campers to design and build their own week-long program! Using martial arts as our base, we design activities and games that are age appropriate and challenging to both the body and mind, to build a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

We will take elements from the other three camps, increase the depth of discussion and learning to an age-appropriate level, and let the students “be the drivers” of the camp course.

This camp has been a huge success in the past with teen students on the spectrum as well as neurotypical teens just looking to have some fun, try some martial arts, and build friendships during the summer break.

Cost for this camp this year is $200 for the week and class size is limited to 15 students. Each student should bring a snack every day as we will supply water only.  Because of dietary restrictions, students are not allowed to share food.